89. Go to a photography gallery

Going to see photography exhibits is something I definitely enjoy but rarely make the effort to plan. So when I was making my 101 in 1001 list I decided to put it on there. Turns out I still didn't have to make the effort after all. Nate (flower guy) took me to a Harold Edgerton exhibit at the Scottsdale Museum last night. We couldn't take photos inside but did take this self-portrait before heading in:
It was a small exhibit but definitely interesting. Harold E. Edgerton was an engineer turned artist who took most of his photos in the 1930s-60s. He specialized in ultra-high-speed photography; freezing motion to see what is unseen by the human eye. Probably his most famous shot is this one of a milk drop:
Here's a few more on postcards we bought from the museum. Antique Gun Firing, 1936:
Jackie Wags His Tail, 1938:
Fanning The Cards, 1940:
Pretty amazing stuff! I was blown away that the technology existed back then to get these kind of shots.

I definitely want to make a point to go to more photography galleries in the future. It's really fun to be exposed to other types of photography and the way other artists see the world.

Happy Friday everyone!
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