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Now, I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard that getting engaged is … kinda exciting. :) But along with the rush of joy and anticipation, many couples I speak with also tell me that they felt overwhelmed when they got engaged. With SO much to do before the wedding, they felt pressured to get everything started immediately!

So I want to put your mind at ease. If you are freshly engaged (or if you're looking forward to getting engaged soon), here are the three things that you need to do RIGHT AWAY. Focus on these, and I feel confident that you'll feel so much less "just engaged" stress!

1. Be present!
It's actually possible to get so caught up in the excitement of what is happening that you can fail to really take it in. So, pause. Stop mentally composing the Facebook announcement of your engagement, and just be present in the moment. After all, this is a life-changing event that you'll be telling stories about for months, and that you're going to want to remember forever! Pay attention to what you and your brand new fiancé are doing, saying ... even wearing. Take some pictures! Getting engaged is a momentous occasion, and it deserves your full attention!
outdoor Sedona engagement shoot
sweet kiss in an outdoor Sedona engagement shoot
2. Tell the most important people in your life!
Most of us have a few people in our lives who definitely rate either an in-person visit or a phone call about news this big! Think about the people who should hear about your engagement personally, rather than stumbling across it on Instagram. Your list might be confined just to your parents, or you might need to call all 16 of your closest friends. You and your fiancé will probably have a blast calling your loved ones and hearing their congratulations and happiness. You might find your own delight growing EVEN more as you share it with others!

3. Agree NOT to plan yet!
Talk with your fiancé and set a period of time aside JUST to enjoy being engaged. Very soon, you will start planning the wedding and making all of the myriad decisions that entails. That's why it can be so rewarding to put all of that on hold for a short time while you experience being engaged to one another. You have a lifetime to look forward to with your spouse-to-be, but you'll only be engaged for a brief time. Decide together how long you want to simply revel in being engaged before you dive into the whirlwind of wedding planning.
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I'm guessing that you may have come to this post expecting a different kind of list. Well, I can help with that, too! After you have enjoyed simply being engaged, check out this post of seven things to do first once you're ready to start planning, which we collaborated on with three amazing wedding planners.
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These are the 3 things you have to do FIRST after getting engaged!
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