Getting ready - bride in front of a window
Getting ready - blonde bride ready for her wedding
I love capturing the time when a bride is getting ready for her wedding! There are so many gorgeous details and lovely moments while the bride prepares for her walk down the aisle! In fact, I love it so much that we recently shared an entire blog post about why brides should have getting ready photos. And I’m not the only one who loves getting ready photos! Not only have many past MJP brides told us how much they cherish those images, but the multitude of getting ready photos on Pinterest also show us that these images can be stunning and powerful. So how do you make the most of your getting ready photos? Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure that your getting ready photos are every bit as beautiful as you envision!
Dazzling wedding rings on a cloth with rose embroidery
Getting ready - being buttoned into her wedding dress
Getting ready - bride relaxes in an elegant porter's chair
1. Bring in the light!

When it comes to photography, light is king! Natural sunlight is softer, more even, and more flattering than the light from lamps and light fixtures. When you’re deciding where to get ready for your wedding, consider the light in the space. A room with large windows and plenty of natural light will make your photos SO much better! If it’s not possible to get ready in a space with natural light, ask to see if there is an outdoor area that you can use for your finishing touches.
Lush bouquets in autumn colors on a vintage sofa
Getting ready - helping the bride into her gown
Getting ready - bride adds jewelry for a finishing touch
Jeweled Alex Marie wedding shoes and a unique autumn boutonnière
2. Cut the clutter!

Even one person getting ready for a wedding can generate a vast array of clutter – brushes and bags, snacks and water bottles, clothes and accessories. When you consider that many brides get ready in the same space as their bridesmaids or close female relatives, you can imagine how much STUFF ends up in the room. In order to have the clean and elegant getting ready photos you’re dreaming of, it’s crucial to clear away the clutter. If possible, designate someone to keep everything organized and tucked away.

Cutting the clutter can extend to the room’s décor, too! Don’t be afraid to relocate paintings, bedspreads, or lamps that don’t go with your aesthetic. Tucking these items into a closet will keep them safe … and out of your photos!
Getting ready - bride having her makeup applied
Getting ready - flower girl in white
Getting ready - mother-of-the-bride and her daughter
3. Be prepared!

Well before the wedding day, sit down and make a list of all of the details that you would like to have photographed. Your jewelry, shoes, vows, wedding invitation suite, a unique dress hanger, the special item that you’re carrying as your “something old” … there are so many unique elements that you may want your photographer to capture and preserve! Once the list is made, entrust it to someone who will be with you in your getting ready space and have that person gather all of those items together for your photographer. That way nothing will be missed, and your photographer won’t have to devote time to tracking them all down.
wedding rings lie on an elegant wedding invitation
Getting ready - Vera Wang dress hanging in the window
Strappy Jimmy Choo wedding shoes
Just like me, all wedding photographers want to give their clients stunning photos of their day! The getting ready shots are no different; you deserve beautiful photos that will help you recall the private moments and cherished details years from now. These tips – having lots of natural light, cutting out the clutter, and being prepared with the items you would like to have captured – will help your photographer to create stunning images so that you can treasure them forever!
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Make the most of your getting ready photos with these 3 tips!
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