how to create a wedding hashtag
I can imagine that for many engaged couples, the to-do list of wedding tasks might seem a little bit overwhelming. So I hate to add one more thing to your list, but this one is fun -- choosing your wedding hashtag! A hashtag is more than just a cute label for your wedding (although it's that, as well -- haha!). A wedding hashtag is a way for you to make your wedding information, announcements, and photos so much easier to track and share... for you AND for your guests.

So how do you create just the right hashtag for your wedding? I have a few suggestions!

Make it unique! If you want your hashtag to do its job -- point to posts and photos ONLY about your wedding -- you need to be sure that no one else is using it. That means you have to take two steps:

1. Get a creative! Play with different combinations of your names with wedding words (GetHitched, SayIDo, TieTheKnot, AtTheAltar, ForLife, TakeTheirVows, etc.). You can also try adding in the date or another detail of the wedding to make it more specific. For example: #CadyAndAldenLakesideWedding.

2. Search to be sure your tag isn't already being used! You don't want to print your hashtag on all of your announcements only to find out that it's been used by other couples! Take a few minutes to search Instagram and Twitter before you commit to your hashtag.

Keep it memorable! You want your guests to be able to easily recall your hashtag when they're Instagramming your bouquet and when they're live-Tweeting the cake-cutting. There are three ways to make your hashtag easier for your guests to remember:

1. Choose something that makes sense! A conglomeration of letter and numbers might make a good password for your email account, but it will not make a good hashtag. Create a phrase instead. Bonus points if you can make a clever pun or if you can rhyme! Not only will that make your hashtag way more fun, it will also make it more memorable!

2. Make it short and sweet! A really long hashtag made of fifteen words might be very specific to your wedding, but no one will be able to remember it.

3. Capitalize the first letter of each word. Instagram and Twitter don't care about whether you capitalize or not, but the people reading your hashtag will! Capitalization lets them know where the words begin and end, so that the phrase makes sense. #JohnAndSaraHappilyEverAfter is easier to read than #johnandsarahappilyeverafter

DO NOT include symbols! An ampersand or a plus sign might seem like a cute way to symbolize your wedding, but keep them out of your hashtag! Using symbols will render your hashtag non-functional ... and then what's the point?

Once you've created your hashtag and made sure it's not already in use, there's one more big step: Share it with your guests! A hashtag is meant to be used, so include it in your own tweets and posts, and let your wedding guests know how they should tag your wedding! You could even include it on your invitations, wedding signage, or ceremony program to get the word out! Then just sit back and watch all the hash tagged posts hit your feed! SO FUN!!

I love this helpful infographic, created by Naomi Shaw from It's a great resource that illustrates how wedding hashtags can be used! Check it out:
How to pick the perfect wedding hashtag!
Whether your wedding is a down-home #CowboyWedding or an elegant #BlackTieNuptial, finding and consistently using a good hashtag will make it SO much easier for you to find the photos and reactions that your loved ones share at your wedding. When you are surfing your feed after the wedding, you'll be so glad you spent a little time picking out just the right hashtag for your #BigDay!
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Tips on how to create and use your perfect wedding hashtag
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