It's been non-stop portraits for me the last couple days. So I have a lot to blog. First up is Graham and Stephanie's engagement shoot. This couple is so perfect for each other and I'm super-excited about their wedding in March.

Graham and Stephanie love to go to the movies together so we thought it would be fun to do part of the shoot at the theater. But it turned out to be quite the ordeal. Right after I shot a few photos at the concession stand we had 3 employees following us around asking us not to take photos with the logo. We got a couple shots off in a theater:

And then were basically kicked out. You win some; you lose some, I guess. If any of you try this out there, it's usually easier to ask forgiveness than permission and I would suggest not taking photos at the concession stand first off--avoiding calling attention to yourselves. Anyhow, we had tons of other options planned for the shoot so we moved on.

Graham and Stephanie have the cutest little cocka-poo name Ruca. He is the softest little guy and I just wanted to cuddle him and take him home with me. But instead, I took some photos of him with his parents and resisted the urge to steal. It was tough.
We also walked around the Desert Ridge Marketplace where Graham and Stephanie hang out frequently, and got some fun shots there. Here's some of my faves:
Doesn't Stephanie look so much like Heather Locklear here?
What a gorgeous sweet couple! Thanks for hanging out guys! Looking forward to March!
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