Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I spent my day in the tradition of my family with some family friends--including David Jay--who made the trek home to see the fam over this weekend. As always, it was fun to see him!
Yesterday after a photo shoot, I was getting out of my car with my gear while talking on the phone and my 70-200mm lens fell out of my shootsac onto the concrete garage floor. I heard it shatter and my heart sank. There goes another $1,700! Ahhh!! But upon closer inspection I found that the UV filter was the only thing that shattered. All of the glass from it was completely gone while the metal ring remained screwed into the lens. It was warped on one side where the lens hit the ground and I couldn't unscrew it. So I brought it to Thanksgiving dinner today to show David. When I took it out, all of the men (like 6) became intrigued and took it on as a project. They must have taken out every tool imaginable to work on the thing. I breathed deeply and reminded them of the value of the lens the whole time while they did this:
Finally, after sawing two notches in the filter, they stuck this metal plate in and were able to turn it loose.
I think my lens is perfectly fine. I just need to get another filter and lens cap and make sure they fit. That should run me like $50 rather than $1,700. Thank goodness for lens filters, boys and tools!
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