I just got this kind email from one of my blog readers and couldn't believe it!:

"As a blog stalker of many blogs, I saw your August 29th cartoon and post and thought it was funny. It was even funnier to see the exact same post, words and all, on the September 21st post of another photographer's blog:


Imitation is the highest form of a compliment, so I hope you are flattered ;)"

Can you believe this! Click here to see my August 29th post. It's EXACTLY THE SAME! Word for word! No worries if you're reading this Horatio, I'm not mad. But this is a good example of how NOT to blog for those of you out there who are wondering. It's ok to pass on the same cartoon but change the words and let your readers know where you found it by linking to the original post. That's just good blogging etiquette.

Too funny.
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