my olympic quest

As many of you know I'm busy catching up on the Olympics via one of the best inventions ever--the Tivo. I'm SO thankful for my Tivo. I was in Europe for the entirety of the Olympic games and would have been SO sad if I would have missed it all. As you can tell I'm a big fan. I've just always loved them. It's fun to cheer on the US and all but regardless of who wins in the end I just love seeing peoples' emotions when their dreams come true. It's thrilling and sometimes I cry. Even though I don't know them. But what an amazing thing to witness. I also love watching the Olympics because it blows my mind what people are capable of. Some of these sports are UNBELIEVABLY hard. Craziness. I'm amazed.

So I've been thinking lately about how cool it would be to win a gold medal. I've been trying to figure out what sport I have the best shot in. Mind you--I have little to no natural athletic ability. And I'm turning 32 this year. So I'm thinking I better shoot for one of the sports that's the easiest to pick up. Anything that involves strength (my chiropractor says I'm "soft"), stamina (I'm still working towards running 3 consecutive 10 minute miles), or doing something terrifying are out. There is definitely no ski jumping in my future. You might be inclined to suggest something like synchronized swimming. But have you watched that!? Seriously tough stuff. I'm watching it right now and these girls are amazing!! Another really hard-looking under-rated sport: water polo. A second reason not to do water polo: the unattractive bonnets.

My sister thinks I have the best shot in the luge. Sounds like a possibility. You just lay on a sled HURTLING THROUGH AN ICE TUBE AT 100 mph! I'm willing to give it a try though. Anyone know where the nearest luge training center is to Arizona?

Any other suggestions out there? Just think--when I win my gold I'll give you all the credit for the inspiration. You'll be famous too.

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Andy & Jonna's Wedding featured!

The latest issue of one of my favorite wedding magazines--Destination I Do--is out and it features a wedding I shot with Kim Jarman in Kauai last Fall! Andy and Jonna's wedding was so fun and laid back--I have great memories from it. In this feature, Andy and Jonna share how they worked together with key vendors to plan their wedding long-distance as well as how they prioritized their budget so that their wedding reflected what was most important to them.

Also in this issue--an article that I worked on with DID--how to pick a wedding dress that flatters your body type. Until I worked with Jennifer Stein, the fabulous editor, on the shoot for this article, I had no idea there are now 12 body types!?! Last I remember there were three--apple, pear and hourglass. Now there's also the cello, bell, skittle, goblet, column, brick, vase, cornet and lollipop in addition to those three. I think out of all of them I would really not want to be a brick. That just doesn't sound good. But definitely pick up a copy to check out the article and find out what dress would flatter you. Apparently there's quite the science to it. You can find them at Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide as well as select grocery stores and online. Good stuff.

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101 in 1001


17. Travel to Europe

As you can see from my former post, I made it back home in one piece. I am buried in voicemails and emails plus I'm recovering from jet lag in front of my Tivo with the Olympics and Dixie, but I thought I should write a blog post to officially check my 17th goal off of my 101 in 1001 list. I had no idea when I wrote this list a year and a half ago what shape my trip to Europe would take I just knew it would be fun to go. Then in April God dropped the opportunity to teach a workshop in Ireland in my lap. Such a blessing! I had am amazing time on this trip and if this is the first you're hearing about it, definitely check out these links for some great photos from my different adventures:

A day in Dublin
A day in Paris
Rome: the Forum & Colosseum
Rome: my favorite street
Windows in Italy
Ireland scenes
The most amazing rainbow EVER
Workshop Day 1: mock engagement shoot
Workshop Day 2
Workshop Day 3
Workshop headshots
Ireland: near death experiences

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reunited and it feels so good

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near death experiences

Yes--plural. I had too many to count today. I spent the day with Cristi driving around Ireland and seeing some of the sites. In order to give you the full background behind the multiple near-death experiences, try to imagine the combination of the following variables:

They drive on the left side of the road here.
The driver sits on the right side of the vehicle.
The stick shift is on the left.

This was our vehicle:

And this was the driver:

The roads varied in width--the majority of them having no shoulder, no median and being no wider than the bus itself.

Every single time we passed a vehicle my entire body braced for impact. Our side mirrors often hit the brush along the left side of the road and Cristi had this view:

Miraculously I am still alive to tell this tale. It is seriously madness to drive here. Most of the time the speed limit on roads like what you see above is 100 km/h which is about 62 mph. I couldn't go that fast if I tried. Besides being so narrow the roads are also full of curves. In the states the speed limit on these types of roads would be more like around 35 mph. When I get back home I'm going to feel totally spoiled driving my little Toyota on our 6 lane freeways.

Despite the constant fear for our lives, Cristi and I had a great time today. We explored the West side of the island. Cristi grew up in Brazil and we were so surprised to find out that the town of Gort has more Brazilians than Irish people living in it!

We drove through a gorgeous area called The Burren. I love the quaint old houses here:

The most amazing castle I've seen yet:

More green than I've ever laid eyes on in one place. And check out the beautiful skies:

We saw the Cliffs of Moher--the steepest cliffs in Europe.

Thank goodness for signs like these otherwise we might have been in trouble.

This is gorgeous but the photo does it little justice. To get an idea of the hugeness of these cliffs--check out the tiny people on the top right.

Finally we ended the day in the town of Galway.

I was so excited because we found Mexican food in Ireland!!! Oh how I've been missing it..... Unfortunately they have different ideas about portion sizes over here. We paid 5 Euro ($8) for this guacamole:

But I don't care cause you know what? I'm ALIVE to eat that guacamole. :)

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