Kindra is my former bride-turned-friend who is the o-so-talented storyteller who wrote this story and is now helping brides personalize their ceremonies by incorporating their stories. If you type her name into the search box in the upper right you will find that she's made many appearances on my blog. I'm excited to feature her again -- this time in a shoot all her own. The vision for this shoot was variety. Kindra needs photos that really show off her personality for her next website. And yay! I got to be the photographer for the job. I felt a little like I was shooting a fashion model. The camera clearly loves this girl and I had such a blast with her because she wasn't afraid to let her personality shine through.

We got SO MANY good ones but here are a few of my faves:

Gotta make sure you get the solid headshot in the midst of all the fun:

Inca -- one of Kindra's cats made it in a few shots:


What a blast!! Thanks for making my job so fun and easy Kindra!

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Dan & Lindsey's Engagement Shoot

This week I flew out to San Diego to meet up with Dan and Lindsey for their engagement shoot. These two are getting married in Phoenix in October but they both live in Southern California so it worked out great for me to go to them for engagement photos. I feel so blessed to get to do what I do and hanging out with these two for a couple hours made me love my job even more.

We started in downtown San Diego and I love the little sign Lindsey made with their wedding date on it. And how cute are they!?

We spent the majority of the shoot at Balboa Park and there was so much to work with there. I love these:

I couldn't part with any of these three so they all made the blog. Isn't Lindsey gorgeous?

So sweet:

We ended the shoot with happy hour at one of their favorite restaurants downtown:

Such a great shoot! Can't wait for the wedding guys!

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For Photographers

Tanzania Video & WPPI Platform

I'm so excited! JP & Kennedy Pierce with Genesis Films -- the videographers who were on my Tanzania team have just released a video about our trip that also promotes our upcoming platform presentation at WPPI! Check out the video featuring footage from our trip in July by clicking here. And photographers -- if you're going to WPPI make sure to put our platform presentation on your "must see" schedule! It's at 9pm on Tuesday, March 9th. Hope to see you there!

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the jug has been replaced

Brace yourself for a random post coming from a crazy-water-drinking-girl who has a thing for portable water-bearing apparati. That's right.

Some of you may remember the jug. Unfortunately there was a tragic accident and the jug is no longer with us. I was DEVASTATED when I went back to Fry's to replace it and found that they no longer carry them. Devastated. Because you just can't find water bottles larger than around 20oz these days. The jug was 60. Twenty ounces is like a sip to me. I can't be refilling a little water bottle like 10 times a day. We're looking for water drinking efficiency here people.

At a potential client meeting recently the bride had a pink Klean Kanteen 40 oz. stainless steel water bottle (stainless steel turns out to be the safest material besides glass that water bottles come in) that I instantly started drooling over. I knew I had to have one so I hopped online and ordered two -- brown & orange. That way they can take turns in the dish washer and I will never again fear dehydration. 90% of us walk around chronically dehydrated you know. It's true. Get yourself one of these babies and problem solved.

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For Photographers

F.A.Q. -- Image Selection

I've gotten a few questions lately from photographers about how I select the images I use on my website and blog. I love this question. The images you select for your website portfolio, blog & to send to publications say just as much about you as a photographer as HOW you take those images. You define yourself by the subject matter you choose to photograph and how you photograph it (lighting, perspective, composition) but you define yourself EVEN FURTHER in the image selection process.

What causes you to pick one photo out of a bunch when another photographer would pick a completely different image? Do you ever go through another photographer's blog/website and think, "That image would never have made my cut let alone my portfolio," or "I would never have chosen that image but I see what they were going for and I like it"? Each photographer defines their style not only with their shooting technique and editing but also by which images they select to represent them.

Think for a minute about how you select images for your portfolio.

For me the selection process involves a gut reaction. I don't agonize over it; I just react. While I'm culling each wedding I rate my favorite images (generally 80-100) and those are the ones that make up the slideshow that I link to from the wedding blog post. They're also the very first photos the client sees in their online proofing gallery and the images that form the basis of the album design. While I'm color correcting my favorites I select from them my very favorites that I blog (around 30 images). And after blogging I will grab the very best to post to my website (generally only 3-5 images per wedding). Each decision is a gut reaction. I choose what I love. Over the years I've become increasingly critical of my own work. And I think that's a good thing. The more choosy and critical you are, the better your work appears. Don't water down the images on your website with anything you think is o.k. Just show your very best work.

Also, choose the images YOU like rather than what you think a client would like. If you choose what you like for your portfolio rather than what you think others want to see, you will draw the right client to yourself. At every wedding there are photos I take to please my client. These shots need to be taken. But they don't excite me. You can shoot with your client's needs in mind but when it comes to your portfolio, select for yourself. If you show only images you love on your website and blog you will get clients who like you for YOU and in the end the two (what you chose to present of yourself & what your clients want) will be synonymous.

If you found this tip helpful, click here to find out about other resources I offer photographers!

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