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Jim Gaffigan

It's kind of pathetic, but if I want to do something fun or different, it's more likely it will happen if I put it on my 101 in 1001 goals list. I have to PLAN for fun. I know you're all looking at the computer screen with pity.

It's just far easier to let the days pass in my normal routine - which I often consider fun, by the way :) - and never do anything out of the ordinary. So when I write my goals down I include lofty business goals and goals that will make me a better person. But I also try to throw in some just for fun goals. That way I get to have fun AND feel productive by checking something off a list. Now THAT'S crazy fun.

On Saturday night I went to see Jim Gaffigan - a hilarious comedian - live with a few friends. Jim is funny AND clean. Which is sometimes hard to find in a comedian. I've seen him on video but had never seen him live so I threw him on my 101 in 1001 list. And he did not disappoint. We did, in fact, laugh. A lot.

If you haven't heard of Jim, check out the funniness:

Afterwards, we asked a stranger to take a photo of the four of us and this is what we got:

So Katina jumped out and took this slightly less blurry version with just three of us. We had to keep waiting for the sign behind us to say "Jim Gaffigan" so that made it extra special :).

Good times!

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Rachel & Tanner's Engagement Shoot

I met up with Tanner and Rachel this weekend for their engagement shoot at the Desert Botanical Gardens. These two met in med school and despite the fact that she adores onions and he abhors them, they're smitten. Tanner and Rachel are from Minnesota - my home state! - but ever since she was a little girl, Rachel has dreamed of getting married in sunny Arizona. So that's just what they're going to do. And I'm beyond thrilled to capture their memories!

We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day as we walked around the Botanical Gardens. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

What a gorgeous couple!

Rachel is going to be such a stunning bride:

It was so fun getting to know you guys! Can't wait for the wedding!

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Charlton Family Portraits

On Wednesday I met up with this cute family who was in town for Thanksgiving from New Mexico. We walked around the Scottsdale Civic Center Park on an absolutely gorgeous day and captured some really fun shots of them.

Sarah and Greg have two children. Dominic is 7 and Olivia is 5:

I can't believe how cute and well behaved they were. Dominic had the giggles pretty much the whole shoot and they were contagious. I loved how it got the whole family laughing and having fun together.

So sweet:

Love all of these of Sarah and Greg:

What a sweet family! Thanks so much for allowing me to capture these for you guys!

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Edwards Family Portraits

This is the Edwards family. Emily is a fabulous wedding planner who I have had the pleasure of working with for years. She has become a dear friend.

Emily and Brian have an adorable three year old named Ella. Last year around this time we did a portrait shoot of them that you can see by clicking here. Looking at the changes in Ella between now and then just drives home how important it is to capture photos of kids each and every year. They change SO FAST!!

Ella is stinkin' cute! I kept asking her how old she was and to drive home the point - and probably get me to stop asking her - she held up three fingers on both hands:

Nose kisses with daddy and snuggles with mommy:

And attack of the smooches:

I adore these shots of Ella:

And these:

I know -- Ella pretty much monopolized the shoot. But how can you blame me?

LOVE these:

And one last sweet one in my favorite Ella-sized alley:

Thanks for a great shoot guys and for your friendship Emily!

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Kohne Family Portraits

The other day I met up with David & Katie and their two pups. It was so fun to reconnect with them! I shot their wedding in Kauai a year and a half ago and they are such a sweet couple.

I was so excited to find out that they are going to be moving into my neighborhood! Their new home is only 2 miles away from mine and SO cute. Even though they aren't in it yet, we were able to take some photos out front:

Jackson (L) and Marley (R) were SO easy to shoot. All I had to do was keep saying the magic word -- "treat." And don't worry, there were some actual treats involved :).

Marley is so affectionate. There's nothing like a puppy snuggle:

Jackson is such a pretty boy:

Love this one!

We also walked through a local nursery and got some fun shots:

These two are so Christmas-y with the colors and touch of pine:

And one of my faves:

Welcome to the neighborhood guys! SO thrilled we're going to be neighbors!!

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