couple kissing in Central Park, engagement photo session
One thing that 13 + years in the wedding photography business means is that I’ve had the privilege of shooting a LOT of engagement sessions … and I am thrilled about that opportunity! Engagement sessions are so special to me because they allow me a unique chance to get to know my clients better and stand witness to their connection as only a photographer can.

Today I thought it would be fun to share my 10 most “liked” engagement photos from Instagram! I always have personal favorites, but it's so much fun to see which images resonate with others!

So, without further ado, I give you my "Best of Instagram" list!

1 -- Andrew & Kate's Sedona Engagement Shoot At Rachel’s Knoll
couple smiling on red rocks of Sedona, Rachel's Knoll, outdoor engagement session
Kate and Andrew's session was such a treat. From the stunning Sedona scenery to the couple's go-with-the-flow attitudes, shooting them together was so much fun! They were such great sports in the midst of the change of plans (you'll have to read all about that on the post where I shared their images) and I love the photos we ended up with! I think they were happy with them too, considering they used them as "Save the Date" cards, which is just ONE way I suggest you might utilize your engagement session photos!

2 -- Jon & Alison's Front Porch Engagement Shoot In Arcadia
welcome mat and colored door, engagement session
I love this sweet session for a variety of different reasons, one of them being that part of their session was held on the front porch of the couple's charming Arcadia district home! When my client's customize their sessions with unique-to-them locations, I get so giddy! Not only because it offers me inspiration and variety as an artist ... but also because it helps to personalize the session in a fun and original way!

3 -- Alexis & Murphy's Merry-Go-Round Rock, Sedona Engagement Shoot
couple looking out over Merry-Go-Round Rock in Sedona, engagement session
Part of what makes this Sedona engagement session so special is that Sedona was the site of one of Alexis & Murphy's most memorable and important dates. Knowing this made the location choice THAT much more meaningful! Plus, I happen to think they knocked it out of the park with their engagement shoot outfits ... which can be a worthwhile thing to note when it comes to engagement sessions!

4 -- Layla & Joe's Flagstaff Engagement Shoot In The Aspens
couple looking lovingly at each other among Aspens in Flagstaff, AZ, outdoor engagement session
With the intense Arizona summer heat, an engagement session scheduled during the summer may require traveling up north to cooler weather! Usually though, when you are up for that kind of adventure it really pays off! Layla and Joe's engagement session up in the Aspens of Flagstaff was no exception! The weather was perfect, the couple deeply in love and the meadow we found was empty. What more could a photographer ask for?

5 -- Dreyson & Shiloh's Forest & Desert Engagement Shoot Near Phoenix AZ
couple embracing at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, outdoor engagement session
This engagement session was such a dream for me to photograph. Not only because I had a hand in introducing these two amazing humans to one another (you can read all about it while oohing and aahhhing over their beautiful connection) but also because when it comes to great locations to hold engagement sessions in Arizona, this one in particular sort of knocks my socks off. It lends itself to such diversity with a forest, river, and desert all within walking distance!

6 -- Ben & Ashley's Arcadia Home Engagement Shoot
couple in love, engagement session
This in-home (and front yard) session was so charming and authentic that I shared images from our time together not only once ... but twice! I LOVED how Ben & Ashley expressed themselves by bringing their love for cooking and home remodeling into their session. This opportunity to personalize your shoot is one reason why I encourage anyone who is engaged to book that engagement photo session! Really though, these two were so fun to photograph and the entire session was such a reflection of who they are as a couple, which I absolutely LOVE!

7 -- Rod & Kimberly's Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot
couple holding hands on Laguna beach, engagement session
Speaking of fun ... meet Rod and Kimberly! These two are CLEARLY the best of friends and their ease and connection was such a delight to photograph! They laughed throughout their entire session and brought such effortless beauty to their images just by being themselves! You can tell from the images, that focusing on one another really allowed for their connection to shine through. This is one tip I share with my couples in an effort to help them look natural in their photos. Rod and Kimberly's interaction with one another made their connection the center of the photos and the stunning landscape was just an added bonus!

8 -- Josh & Alli's ASU Engagement Session
couple standing with dogs at ASU campus in Tempe, engagement session
Oh my goodness, you guys! Josh & Alli's story is so sweet, it's like candy. And the way they truly personalized their shoot from location choice (the very place that brought them together) to including their dogs within a portion of their shoot totally makes my photographer heart go pitter-patter. They were such naturals in front of the camera and really made the session their own!

9 -- Shane & Teri's Malibu Engagement Session At Point Dume
couple running on beach with footprints in the sand in Malibu, engagement session
For this absolutely magical session, we ventured out to the beach at sunrise to capture some dreamy portraits, and it was worth every second of sleep that we missed out on ... hands down! I couldn't have asked for a more dreamy setting or a couple more comfortable and in love with one another. Teri and Shane took my direction and made the poses their own and I love how this session came out!

10 -- Andy & Crystal's Sedona Picnic Engagement Shoot
couple looking at each other with cacti and desert, Sedona engagement session
Seriously though? The chemistry of this couple. The picnic theme. The stunning setting. This shoot was so much fun to capture from beginning to end!
Some of my very favorite images are from time spent documenting my clients before they are married! It is such an honor to get to archive this fleeting season in a couple's lives. And there are so many ways to make engagement sessions distinctive and special! I hope you have found the same kind of inspiration through this post as I did in shooting each individual couple!
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